purple eyeliner allergy

 I have found that I am now allergic to purple eyeliner and possibly shadow because of the dye used I believe. I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem and found a brand that does not make them re-act like you have pink eye. My eyes are hazel and purple makes em pop so nice, I am desperate to find a brand that doesnt use the common red dye that is causing this reaction! Any info would be great!

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Hi Nightravyn.  If you are allergic to red dye, a few ingredients to avoid are Carmine, Crimson Lake, Cochineal, Natural Red #40, C.I. 75470 and E120.  I agree with 6aad0801. Golds and deep greens look fantastic on hazel eyes!  As a precaution,  I still recommend checking the ingredients as, although red dye is more common is cool-toned makeup, other colors may contain the red dye as well. 


Hi Nighttravyn,


If you believe it's the purple colour try making your own purple by blending and mixing a pink-ish shadow with blue shadows.  If you blend them or layer the pigments you should be able to get a purple shadow look.  Also, use an eyeshadow base to hold the shadow in place and put less shadow on your brush building the colour on your eye so that it doesn't fall in and irritate your eyes.   Last idea is for you to let your eyes have a break and try gold shadows with your hazel eyes and deep greens :smileywink:

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I know your post was a while ago, hopefully you found a version of purple that works for you. If you have I would love to know what worked for you as well? :smileyhappy: I too have that same exact reaction to purple eyeliners of all kinds. You're def. not alone on that one.


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I have the same problem - some purples and some pinks really bother my eyes. I don't know which ingredient it is and sure would like to isolate it so I can avoid it in the future.

I have found I can wear Nouba red and Jesse cosmetics reds but I think I am allergic to the pinks in my BRAND NEW NAKED 3 PALLETTE. I am so totally bummed. It was hard to get it and now my eyes are starting to freak out when I wear those gorgeous pink colors. NOOOOOOooooooo!!!!!!!!!

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I get this as is an allergic reaction to the dye in purple eyeliner and shadow. There is not much you can do about it as it is an allergy so it will happen with all brands.

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I also just had a bad reaction to a purple eyeliner from Lancome.  I had the same problem when I used a MAC purple eyeshadow.  There's something in the purple pigment that gives me an immediate allergic reaction; watery, itchy, eyes.  Very unpleasant.  Back go the purple eyeliners to the store!!  Does anyone know what's in purple eyemakup that is different from other eye makeup colors?


Is it a red dye as the prevous poster suggested?  Thanks for any help!

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