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 I have found that I am now allergic to purple eyeliner and possibly shadow because of the dye used I believe. I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem and found a brand that does not make them re-act like you have pink eye. My eyes are hazel and purple makes em pop so nice, I am desperate to find a brand that doesnt use the common red dye that is causing this reaction! Any info would be great!

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I also just had a bad reaction to a purple eyeliner from Lancome.  I had the same problem when I used a MAC purple eyeshadow.  There's something in the purple pigment that gives me an immediate allergic reaction; watery, itchy, eyes.  Very unpleasant.  Back go the purple eyeliners to the store!!  Does anyone know what's in purple eyemakup that is different from other eye makeup colors?


Is it a red dye as the prevous poster suggested?  Thanks for any help!

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Yes it sounds like you all have an allergy to carmine which is found in purple eyeshadows and eye liners.  Check out this website that explains more about carmine allergies. And it has lists of purple eyeshadows that don't have this dye in them:



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