matte vs shimmer
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ok here it goes i know what the difference between matte and shimmer is but my question is does matte eye shadow have a greater color pay off then shimmers do?

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Not necessarily. It will depend on the brand.

However, I think mattes might appear to be more pigmented because there is no shimmer to take away from the color - it's just straight color, no shine.

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I guess it depends on what look you're going for.  Shimmers can really brighten your look and I like them because they make my face look more glow-y.  Mattes can have that higher pigmentation though because the color is more concentrated.  I like to layer as well though.  You can get a really great look by layering a shimmer over a matte.  Everything comes through stronger or you can use it to get a totally different color.

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Matte is a flat color no glitter or shimmer at all.  For someone like me (44) shimmer and glitter is not the way to go. I prefer matte eye shadows and blush which is sometimes hard to find.  I recently purchased Laura Gellers shimmer down which transforms any glitter/shimmer in a product to a matte finish.  I don't believe there is any difference in the depth of color between a shimmer and matte product.  The only difference is the look.  I suggest you always use a primer first, this ensures that the color is true and does not wear off.

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