mascara that doesn't smudge or flake?

as much as i love maybeline's mascaras, they smudge and flake like crazy. i need something that lengthens and separates (like maybeline's one by one) and keeps my long lashes from falling down over my eyes. most importantly i need something that doesn't give me raccoon eyes.


p.s. i've tried hypnose, it burns like crazy. i guess my eyes are sensitive too.

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Hi there!


I recommend that you watch this Youtube video by Michelle Phan.  I watched them previously and it helped me narrow down which mascara I would buy and use (which I'll share with you) and I think it would be helpful.  This is an old video so some of the formulas may have changed, but not too much.


Mascara Review Pt. 1

Mascara Review Pt. 2


I have tried a lot of drugstore mascaras and I believe that L'Oreal has the best drugstore mascaras compared to Maybelline.  I used Voluminous, Bare Natural, and L'Oreal Extra Collagen Mascara.  Out of these three, Bare Natural may be your best choice.  It is more suited for a natural look, but it didn't flake on me and it gives a beautiful curl and nice length.  I will say though that I personally am addicted to Voluminous Carbon Black (sorry I forgot to include that previously) because it does those same things, as well as give a nice dark black color to my eyelashes.  It will clump sometimes, and I use the eyelash comb to get rid of them.  I believe the regular Voluminous mascara doesn't clump as much but again, it doesn't give you those extremely dark eyelashes.


Also, you mentioned smudging.  Have you tried this card trick (another video by Michelle)?  It is very helpful.

Mascara Card Trick


I hope this helps!  Good luck!


You may want to try a waterproof mascara since they are less likely to flake and smudge and are great at holding curl all day.


Try Dior Show waterproof mascara for extreme volume and separation.  This one does require an oil based eye make up remover to get off, so be sure you have one if you get this mascara.


You might also like Benefit Bad Gal and Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascaras.


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I can relate! I have long but straight lashes, and am really picky about mascara. I've tried everything from high-dollar to drugstore brands.  I really love Cover Girl Lash Blash Waterproof (the orange tube). I curl my lashes first, then apply a coat or two.  It holds the curl and doesn't smudge. It also comes off easily with a bi-phase remover of any brand (the kind that you have to shake up to mix before using).

Another tip: sometimes I manage to put too much on... but I buy disposable spoolies at the beauty supply store, and they're perfect for de-clumping mascara & grooming brows.

Good luck!

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My current favorite mascara is YSL's The Shock Mascara - for whatever reason it has mixed reviews, but I love it, and have ditched my old HG Dior Overcurl mascara for it.  You do NOT need a primer with the YSL - it's really good.  Haven't had any smudging or flaking experiences. 

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I use Benefit's They're Real! Mascara and I think it's perfect for length and separating! It gives a more defined look for me, which I like, and it definitely doesn't give raccoon eyes!

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The mascaras that I've noticed that don't irritate my sensitive eyes are Clinique High Impact, High Impact Curling Waterproof, Lash Power and High Lengths mascaras.  Buxom mascara, as well as Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume also don't irritate either.  The one time I tried Dior, my eyes itched and burned like crazy due to an allergic reaction.  Maybe one of the above that I listed would work better for you? 


Hope this helps.

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I'm very picky when it comes to mascara. I prefer formulas that lengthen, plump, and separate without leaving me with stiff or flakey lashes. One of my all time favorites is Dior Extase, which is a powder based mascara. I've never had any issues with clumping or those dreaded raccoon eyes.


DiorShow Extase Mascara


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What are racoon eyes?


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