mascara makes me look tacky
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I recently bought Loreal's Voluminous Lashes Mascara, the one J.Lo advertises in her new commercial. It definitley gives me THICK, dark long eyelashes instantly. My only issue is it makes them look so fake and I feel like I am in a costume to be honest. I use a eyelash comb to make sure it doesn't look clumpy but it still looks really cheesy. How do I fix this? I take the mascara tube out of the bottle once and put on about 2 layers before finishing. I avoid it on the bottom lashes bc a) I always make a mess  b) i feel like a drag queen


This is actually my problem with most mascaras. Either they look thick,long and I look like I am wearing lash extensions that are 3x the right size.. or I wear regular bland mascara that makes my eyelashes look blah but I don't look silly.


My eyelashes are nonexistent to begin with and very skin tone is medium brown and i usually try black mascara.





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You could try using a lash primer underneith your mascara that way you use less mascara, and you will get less of that "clumpy/messy" look. I reccomend using dior shows lash primer. You can find it and read more about it here:


Also, before you apply your mascara, try scraping off the extra product in the opening of the tube. This will help remove the extra product that leads to that clumpy, mess, fake look.


hope this helps!


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