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I've never used eye make up remover before but recently got a few samples from question is - after taking off your make up with the remover do you still wash your face ???

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It depends on the makeup remover, but the short answer is yes, you should still wash your face. Some makeup removers act as cleansers, too, but I find that my face never feels clean even after using these. I like to take my eye makeup off with a liquid or cream makeup remover, then I wash my face normally.


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After using eye makeup remover, I still wash my face since the eye makeup remover basically just gets the makeup off around my eye area. 

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I also wash my face after using eye makeup remover, especially with the bi-phase types, they leave my lids feeling greasy and I don't want the runoff from the oil phase on my acne prone skin! Plus my face is always dirty come the end of the day, so I would want to wash off all the dirt, pollution and sunscreen that was on my face properly so I have clean skin to put my night treatments onto.

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