liquid liner?

so i've finallly decided to buy a nice liquid liner. it dosen't need to be waterproof, but if it is, that's a not a dealbreaker (30 rock anyone?), since my liner never lasts with pencil, and gel takes to long to apply ( i 'm impaient) however, i know liquid liner will be easier than gel as i'm expeirienced with liquid liner. anyway, so what do you girls ( and guys, mokeys, elephants, and platypus) reccomend i buy?

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Hi @Nanobear18, 


liquid liner is such a hard thing to choose, at least for me (and my sensative eyes) i've come very close to finding my perfect liquid liner, s1281161-main-hero.jpg


its the "Magic Ink" from benefit, but if you live near a drug store there is a really good one there from wet n wild and its only 2 dollars its pretty much a dupe of this one. 


just to remind you, you need to have a VERY steady hand to apply liquid, every little smudge shows 

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