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so i've finallly decided to buy a nice liquid liner. it dosen't need to be waterproof, but if it is, that's a not a dealbreaker (30 rock anyone?), since my liner never lasts with pencil, and gel takes to long to apply ( i 'm impaient) however, i know liquid liner will be easier than gel as i'm expeirienced with liquid liner. anyway, so what do you girls ( and guys, mokeys, elephants, and platypus) reccomend i buy?

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I recently was given a Stila liquid liner in brown. I've tried a few liquid liners before, but wasn't too impressed by them, and felt they were really hard to use, especially when they were brush applicators, however, this Stila product changed my view on liquid liners. I'm a bit clumsy and slow at putting on top lid liner, but with this product it took me under 2 minutes to do a cat eye, where it would usually take me 5 with a gel liner and brush. I'm one of those people who can dread certain makeup steps, especially top lid liner, as it's easy to mess up, and when that happens it can easily set you back a few steps. 

The product is water proof, and when I swatched the product on my wrist it took 3 days to come off! That was with washing my hands thoroughly dozens of times in that 3 day span. With it no budging on my wrist, I thought it'd be a horror to get off my eyes, but was surprised at the ease at which it came off. Another good thing about it is it has a nice pointed felt tip, which is extremely easy to use. 


I've always had good luck with Stila liquid eyeliners, and also Lorac. I like the tips.
As an avid user of liquid eyeliners, I have tried MANY different brands but only one stands out from the rest... STILA'S Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. It is DEFINITELY the best I have found out of all liquid liners. It doesn't smudge, budge, irritate, run and once set/dry, it lasts well over 12 hours. Packaging is great, easy to handle and use, and tip is firm enough to deliver perfect precision! Trust me on this, I have oily lids so it's hard to find a liner that stays and I have bought SOOOO many different brands but STILA'S ended my search! Worth the money too! Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

I love the Makeup Forever Aqua liner because they last all day and the brush is kind of short and pointy so its very easy to control. I heard the stila and Urban decay ones were very good as well. I also love the MAC Superslick ones which are a bit cheaper but pretty much the same as the MUFE (which has more colors) ^_^


Pens are a great way to go. I love Kat Von D's Tattoo Liners! My personal favorite is her Triple Threat Liner set of 3, it only comes in black but the reason I like these better than her other liners is because you get 3 in various size tips and these tips are better than the bursh tip of the regular Tattoo Liner in my experience because I've had the tip come appart which makes it harder to get the best accurate line. This stuff dries fast, stays black and lasts til you want to take it off.

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Hey nanobear18 - I really enjoyed your post, you made me laugh, definitely not a 'dealbreaker' on this end -I think Liz Lemon would agree. I've never really jumped into the liquid liner pool, barely stuck my toe in to be truthful. I don't know if you use Bare Escentuals or Laura Geller shadows etc, those can be applied wet, I don't know if this works with all brands, but I know for sure you can do it with those 2 brands. That way if you have something you love in those lines you can still use it, although the color intensity will obviously change.


You could also try Too Faced Liquif-Eye (item #6230009) it changes your dry shadow products into waterproof liquid liner and at only $18.00 that might be a good investment.


BareEscentuals also offers a little kit that's similar product, I tried to get onto BE website but was unable to...Dealbraker! since sephora doesn't carry it. I went to QVC and found it there it's item # A68579 BE Weather Everything Liner Sealer, it comes with a little container with 3 little closeable wells where you would put the loose BE shadow products I'm assuming. Don't know if this works with all shadows or not, I imagine it would but can't say for sure. There wasn't much info on QVC but I believe on BE site there was more info. It's also only $18.00, again, might be worth trying, especially if you like BE. It makes your shadow/liner into a liquid that's waterproof.


This is such good info, I think I'll have to try it myself! The sound you're hearing is me, patting myself on the back, obnoxious, but somebody has to do it. I amaze me.!!


Hope these ideas are helpful, hope you'll come back and let us know what you try out and like or don't like. I've considered going with a gel or possibly liquid so your feedback would be helpful. Take care LLL (liz lemon lover, or should it be LL - Liz Lemonite?) Look forward to 'chatting' with you in the future.


BTW, is Alec Baldwin looking great or what? Guess that's what love can do for you. I suppose the fact that she's a yoga or pilates girl helps too. Take care.


Hello nanobear18,


I personally like the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner since it is super smooth and easy to line with. It doesn't smudge and gives a bold color that stays on for hours.


Kat Von D - Tattoo Liner


I also like (if you want to try a great pencil) the Too Faced Perfect Eyes which stayed on even after I wore them to the gym!


Too Faced - Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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Stila's liner is great!

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I was going to ask for suggestions for liquid liner too but luckily this was here!  I generally only use gel liner for my top lid and Im running desperately low so I thought i'd give a liquid a try.  I think Ill go with Stila and Lorac see how they work out for me.  My sister had the Kat Von D tattoo one but she didnt like how it went on.  I also tried the Sephora Doe eyed felt pen and that did not work AT ALL.

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Hi nanobear18,


You have to try Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner!  Its one of the best liquid liner pens I've tried thus far. I keep mine on my bathroom counter, upside down in a cup to keep the tip saturated and ready for application.


It's jet black, doesn't peel or flake, and stays on all day.


all day.jpg


<3 Julianna

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I'm in agreement about the Kat Von D tattoo liner - I literally put it on at 7 in the morning and it last all day and into the night, without budging or smudging - and I have oily eyelids so that's saying a lot! Plus I find it easier to apply than most liquid liners.  

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Wow nanobear18 - looks like Stila All Day Liquid Liner takes the cake! Have to see if it comes in colors other than black. Then it's on the shopping list. Great tip to leave upside down in a cup from projulianna. Any other tip for novices? Great question nanobear18

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Hi @Nanobear18, 


liquid liner is such a hard thing to choose, at least for me (and my sensative eyes) i've come very close to finding my perfect liquid liner, s1281161-main-hero.jpg


its the "Magic Ink" from benefit, but if you live near a drug store there is a really good one there from wet n wild and its only 2 dollars its pretty much a dupe of this one. 


just to remind you, you need to have a VERY steady hand to apply liquid, every little smudge shows 

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