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light green eyes
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I have light green eyes and i don't really know what kind of makeup will look good on me without it looking like to much or sketchy. i want a natural solid look. Thanks!

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Hi Luster Love,

On green eyes long lashes and purples or golds look good and bottom liner tends to. Try Kat Von D.'s  Sin-Full Lash Mascara and any Sephora Collection eye liner. Try some of these for eye shadows.. hope this helps:



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light green, you're very lucky! My eyes are a bit of a mix but you should be looking for the opposite colors on the color wheel. For example; warm browns, golds, amber and peach, purple (not too grey) and navy blue. Stay away from silver, light blue and green. A warm brown, navy or black eyeliners work well and of course, black mascara. 

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