how to stop mascara from running?



I have tried expensive and higly-recommended mascaras.  I've chosen the waterproof ones. Yet, they always run.  Maybe it's sth. about my lashes/eyes that makes them run so easily, but I wonder if there are any tricks regarding the use of mascara that would prevent it from running.



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Mascara smearing and smudging can happen for two reasons (even with waterproof mascaras) and in both cases, your eye creams and/or concealers are most often the reasons:

-  Very often mascara runs because it slides into concealers and/or eye creams.  Prevent this by sealing them.  Dusting a healthy layer of translucent powder under and over the eyes will do the trick.  Cover FX Setting Powder does a great job because the finely milled mica will hold the concealer (or cream) in place without looking cakey or settling into lines and creases.  It won’t look cakey or settle because the Cover FX Setting Powder has no talc in it.  Talc is public enemy number one when it comes to caking into creases.

-  If you get eye or face creams on your lashes, your mascara will not be able to adhere completely.  The texture of the cream ensures that it will only be a matter of time before the mascara finds its way onto your skin.  It is much easier to get creams onto your lashes than you might think, so be careful.

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After I put on my mascara, I dust under and around my eyes with Peter Thomas Roth Mineral Sunscreen SPF 45. I used to have a lot more trouble with my mascara running/smudging before when I used any liquid or cream sunscreen in my under eye area, I think the SPF causes mascara to run. That eye area is very delicate, so it really needs sun protection, and this Mineral stuff seems to not bother my mascara.


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