how do I prevent mascara smudging under eye concealer?
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How do I prevent mascara from smudging onto my under eye concealer?  I have tried all types of mascaras, concealers and powder over the concealer.  No mascara is used on the lower lashes.  


Forever grateful for help with a problem lasting for years!  Much thanks Smiley Happy




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If you have a waterproof mascara, the reason it is waterproof is because there are tiny oil droplets that are hydrophobic, so they don't bind with the polar molecules of water. However, the hydrophobic mascara can mix with concealer because your concealer might be oil based. Try using an oil-free undereye concealer and set with powder. You might find that at a drugstore. Even try using a lighter shade of thicker  oil-free foundation as a concealer, and again, set with powder. Also, you could try a more wax based waterproof mascara (you'll probably need to brush out clumps) or even a lash stain (I think Neutrogena has one). A stain will just tint your lashes though, and probably won't do anything special for the actual lash hairs.

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