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hi again!!!

ok i just gotta glitter makeup (glitter eyeliner on lid of eyes) out of style/outdated?? Like no longer in fashion or trend? i ask because yesterday i went to a shoot and the MUA there while taking off my makeup so she can do my makeup for the photoshoot said "oh you have/put glitter eyeliner/shadow?" and i said ya! and i asked why, is glitter like so 80's etc..not "in" anymore and she said yea, it's kind o tacky or whatever!

um but it's weird, cuz when i do wear my sephora silver glitter eyeliner right on top of my eyeliner on my eyelids, i get compliments everywhere i go!! (from females of course); like even at the drive-thru windows, at the mall, etc...women just say how pretty the glitter is or that they like my glitter eyes! but after hearing that MUA say that to me..idk; i like my eyes when i put glitter on them

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If you are working in a professional setting, then, no, glitter liner would be too frivolous and you could be hindered in being taken seriously, and promotions affected. If you are wearing glitter on your own time like going to the mall or hanging out with friends, then if you like it, wear it. If you need to be "in", then it's probably not the current look, but so what, it doesn't sound like you have to be right up to the minute. I believe makeup should make you happy, so if you like the look, go for it. 

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