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hi again!!!

ok i just gotta glitter makeup (glitter eyeliner on lid of eyes) out of style/outdated?? Like no longer in fashion or trend? i ask because yesterday i went to a shoot and the MUA there while taking off my makeup so she can do my makeup for the photoshoot said "oh you have/put glitter eyeliner/shadow?" and i said ya! and i asked why, is glitter like so 80's etc..not "in" anymore and she said yea, it's kind o tacky or whatever!

um but it's weird, cuz when i do wear my sephora silver glitter eyeliner right on top of my eyeliner on my eyelids, i get compliments everywhere i go!! (from females of course); like even at the drive-thru windows, at the mall, etc...women just say how pretty the glitter is or that they like my glitter eyes! but after hearing that MUA say that to me..idk; i like my eyes when i put glitter on them

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