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hi again!!!

ok i just gotta glitter makeup (glitter eyeliner on lid of eyes) out of style/outdated?? Like no longer in fashion or trend? i ask because yesterday i went to a shoot and the MUA there while taking off my makeup so she can do my makeup for the photoshoot said "oh you have/put glitter eyeliner/shadow?" and i said ya! and i asked why, is glitter like so 80's etc..not "in" anymore and she said yea, it's kind o tacky or whatever!

um but it's weird, cuz when i do wear my sephora silver glitter eyeliner right on top of my eyeliner on my eyelids, i get compliments everywhere i go!! (from females of course); like even at the drive-thru windows, at the mall, etc...women just say how pretty the glitter is or that they like my glitter eyes! but after hearing that MUA say that to me..idk; i like my eyes when i put glitter on them

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If you are working in a professional setting, then, no, glitter liner would be too frivolous and you could be hindered in being taken seriously, and promotions affected. If you are wearing glitter on your own time like going to the mall or hanging out with friends, then if you like it, wear it. If you need to be "in", then it's probably not the current look, but so what, it doesn't sound like you have to be right up to the minute. I believe makeup should make you happy, so if you like the look, go for it. 

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What's "In" is what you like and feel comfortable with.  If it makes you feel good and get compliments, then I say, ROCK IT!  It doesn't sound like you're over doing it or wearing it inappropriately, so I think it is about YOUR personal style and what makes YOU feel good.  Glitter on, girl!



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Maybe she doesn't like to remove glitter makeup because it takes a little more work! LOL

I think shimmer and glitter are always around but there are trends that change all the time.  It doesn't sound like you walk around covered  in fairy dust so I agree with nebel and kissenmakeup-if you love it, rock it!


If you like them and get compliments on them, then by all means wear them and rock it!


Even MUA have different opinions and some of them can be kind of pushy. She's not the one getting make up done, so if she doesn't like it, don't let that affect you. Even MUA can disagree with each other, and what looks terrible on one person can look beautiful on another person, and it's not like everyone's appalled at your eyeliner, just do your thing.


depends. if you can rock that glitter on. why not, ayt!


I have to agree on the no glitter thing and would say the MUA has a point it may be fine if your going to a party or some event but for every day I would say no. Using a shimmer eye shawdow is okay if you apply it in the right way, I wear of lot of shawdow with shimmer but not over done. Hope this helps!


I must be out of it because I love to wear my glitter too, lol!  If it works for you, then why not! If you look great in it, that's awesome  but as long as you don't go over the top, then enjoy it!  For work, I prefer shimmer but when I go out, I like to be a little glittery.  It's what keeps UD in business, lol!

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Well.... it depends on context.  Daily office-wear, absolutely inappropriate.  Nighttime, depends on how it's done.


I don't really see lots of glitter where I live- people tend to keep that for the clubs, to be honest.


If you like it, rock it.  Everything comes back again...

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It really depends. I love having a bit of shimmer to my eyeshadows in the summer time, hence why my Chopper on my Naked palette has hit pan before anything else. If you're going to work, I'll say no since you to look professional but on your down time, I'll say go for it if you're comfortable with it.

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