gel eyeliner hurts inner rims
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hi! ok i have bought and tried all different gel eyeliners (for inner rim of eyes) the urban decay, clinique, makeup forever, bobbi brown, maybelline, other brands etc...they go on smooth and ok when first applied. but my eyes start to hurt after few hours and at end of the day, i can't take it anymore so i look closely in mirror and looks like the eyeliner started to crack/get dried into pieces! what's going on here???

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GEL LINERS are really not meant for the water line of the eyes.  The inner rim of the eyes upper and lower can be sensitive due to the fact that it is inside your eye.  It could be dangerous and probably not very appealing after awhile.  Gel liners are wet when they go on, they are meant to dry and stay put.  The problem is they are not drying on the inside of your eye.  My suggestion....Try MAKE UP FOR EVER liner  they make  a couple that are special for the inside of the waterline! 

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