eyeshadow picks for me? please help!?
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ok, so i know i havn't posted in like...a long time. but jr high is hard! some of my teachers give a lot of homework (cough, cough, english) and we've had a bit of a sancdal at school (i was in the corner of the local news! ahh!) you might have heard on the news, probaly not. i'm not involved, but kids are going crazy. but anyway, i know i always talk about eyeliner. guess what? i only wear eyeshadow now. i have hooded lids, and mascara makes me look like i have liner on...so why wear it? anyway, just wanted to know your picks for  super pale (think michelle phan) girl with frekles( Smiley Sad ) and blue eyes. i want a nateraul look. i'm planning on putting naked on my christmas list, so dn't reccomend it. any drugstore picks would be nice, but i'm open to high-end.

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