eyeshadow palette decisions...

I decided that for my birthday, I would treat myself to an eyeshadow palette.  I put myself on No-buy for any eyeshadows when I got my Kat Von D Ludwig palette, but I've been wearing more eyeshadow lately, and I think I can get it for myself since I know that I'll really use it.  My requirements are:

-a couple brown shades

-a gold shade

-a cream colored shade

-a taupe shade

-a couple matte shades in the palette

-optional:a peach or pink shade, a purple or grey shade, an olive green

-no bright blue or hot pinks (I hate having shades go to waste since I never wear them)


So basically I've narrowed it down to the Urban Decay Naked Palette and the Kat Von D Saint Palette (which isn't in stores yet).  I ruled out the Too Faced natural palette since the packaging is a little too bulky for me, and I don't really have the room for it.  Any ideas or other suggestions?  Thanks!


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I love both makeup brands, but I think my vote would be for the UD NAKED palette.  As a bonus with it, it comes with a nice eyeshadow brush.  I think the upcoming Kat Von D palettes are going to have an eyeliner with them.  That's better than the two little brushes they came with lol. 

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