eyeliner for tightlining

Just wondering what your opinion is on this-It seems like a lot of products made for tightlining are not waterproof, which doesn't make sense to me since the eyeliner would be coming into contact with the waters in your eye constantly.  In your personal experience, which is better (and lasts longer) for tightlining the upper waterline: pencil or gel eyeliner?

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Personally I have had better luck using pencil liners for the water line of the eye. My eyes get tickled too much using a gel or cream liner with a brush and end up running with liner everywhere! Using really soft liners seems to help, my favorites are the Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof, and for sensitive eyes/contact lens wearers like myself, the Clinique Quickliner for Eyes and the CreamShapers which have a nice soft sheen and are so soft and smudgy, great to use!

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