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eye shadow techniques

I have heard of many types of eye shadow techniques. I watch you tube videos on these, but sometimes it gets confusing. I was just wondering if members could WRITE down the instructions on diff techniques? like the idiots guide to eye shadow I guess.


For example: Smokey Eye


1. use base color

2. use main color put on lid

3. take darker color and make V and blend into crease

4. use highlighter around and under the brow



For example:

take one color put it on half of lid. take another color put it on other half of lid


I hope this makes sense what I am asking. I would just love to know some basic basic steps to try different designs.


PS.. I was watching Eva Longoria on David Letterman. And a you tube makeup guru, "itsjudytime" showed how she did it.

In short... black on lid, dark blue on top of that. and then highlighter. and then blended and added sparkles.

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Since you're unsure about exactly how to apply eyeshadow to achieve a certain look, I think the easiest thing for you to do would be to buy an eyeshadow palette that comes with written instructions and diagrams that tell/show you how to get different looks. I prefer to use such palettes myself because it makes things so much easier. Here are some of my favorite palettes:


Lancome "Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette" (Sephora Product Page) An all-in-one five-shadow palette for brightening the eyes. The shadows are silky and crease-resistant and this palette comes in lots of pretty shades. More importantly, the written instructions are the most clear and the diagrams for precision application are the best I've ever seen. The instructions and diagrams show you how to use the five shadows to create both a more casual day look and a more intense night look. So you can contour, sculpt, and lift with soft day colors or intensify your look with dramatic evening hues for smoky effects.


Too Faced "Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow Collection" (Sephora Product Page) A palette of nine high quality shadows. It comes with an applicator tool, but also with three "get the look" cards with written instructions and diagrams that show you how to use the eyeshadows to get three different looks: a casual "Day" look, a more glamorous "Classic" look and a daring and intense "Fashion" look. This palette has the following colors: taupes, browns, peach, champagne, bronzes and golds. If you want more adventurous colors like pinks, purples and greens, try the Too Faced "Romantic Eye Classic Beauty Shadow Collection" (Sephora Product Page) This nine shadow palette also comes with the three "get the look" cards with written instructions and diagrams to show you how to get different looks.


I'm sure you would like these palettes too--the instructions and diagrams make getting the look you want easier than ever! I hope this helps you! Smiley Happy

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