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eye shadow techniques

I have heard of many types of eye shadow techniques. I watch you tube videos on these, but sometimes it gets confusing. I was just wondering if members could WRITE down the instructions on diff techniques? like the idiots guide to eye shadow I guess.


For example: Smokey Eye


1. use base color

2. use main color put on lid

3. take darker color and make V and blend into crease

4. use highlighter around and under the brow



For example:

take one color put it on half of lid. take another color put it on other half of lid


I hope this makes sense what I am asking. I would just love to know some basic basic steps to try different designs.


PS.. I was watching Eva Longoria on David Letterman. And a you tube makeup guru, "itsjudytime" showed how she did it.

In short... black on lid, dark blue on top of that. and then highlighter. and then blended and added sparkles.

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While I understand your predicament I want to say that you needn't be so rigid about make-up! There is no one way to do a smokey eye or neutral eye etc. There are many ways to get the effect, sometimes it's just a cream eyeliner blended all around the eye!

Make UP artists are always trying something new and you should just have fun experimenting!

here are some tips I use:

Really basic smokey eye:

1) Take a neutral color and sweep it all over the lid.

2) Take  a slighlty darker still neutral color and sweep that into the crease

3) take black kohl liner and apply that on the upper and lower lash line and inner rims. Keep smudging and blending until you get the depth you want.

4) Add mascara


Smokey eye using three colors:

1) Take the base color (not the darkest, not the lightest, the middle color) and apply that on the lid blending into the crease.

2) Take the darkest color and apply that into the outer third of the eye blending it into the crease.

3) Take the lightest color and put that on the browbone and inner corner of the eye (optional).

4) Take eyeliner and line your waterline.

5) Add mascara


There are plenty of other ways, those are just two.

Have FUn!

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