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cream eye liner application tips
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Can someone please tell me how to use a cream eye eyeliner? I recieved the Smash box trio cream eye liner sample. It's too thick and dry to use straight out of the jar. I have dipped my brush in water prior to usage and all it did was give a FAINT light bit of color, kind of like a water color set.


 I also just purchased and again no idea how to use the cream eyeliner.


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I love cream and gel eyeliners, especially Smashbox's eyeliners.  Here's a link to a video tutorial on how to apply a cream eyeliner that I hope you'll find helpful:

Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

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It sounds like the liner is dried out hun. This happens a lot with gel liners, which is why I hesitate to spend a lot of money on them. But, the good news is too dry a formula of liner can be revived with either a bit of glycerin or a couple of eyedrops, then just mix until it's creamy again. A lot of the times when you are new to putting it on it can be difficult to apply if the product is too dry. Store your gel liners upside down to help them last longer. A good tip is to pick up a bent eyeliner brush, Sonia Kashuk makes one for a decent price, you can find it at Target. When you are looking for the brush it will say bent eyeliner brush, and look bent at the ferrule. It makes putting it on much, much easier, perfect for novices. Also, Bobbi Brown's eyeliners are pricey, but awesome quality so I splurge on them. They too, make it easier. I've also tried the Sonia Kashuk one and thats great too. Don't forget to set your liner with a corresponding eyeshadow to make it last.=)


Cream eyeliner is usually very emollient and is particularly good for use as a base or to to smudge out and really get that smokey look that is always so popular and sultry.

I don't know why you are having so much difficulty but perhaps watching a MUA use it will help give you some ideas:


hope that helps!

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To apply the eyeliner, don't wet it first. What you want to do is have a kleenex (or something similar) and tip the brush to an angle. You want the brush hairs to follow, the other way around would make the brush hair irritated and stick out. This will make the brush hairs kind of in the same place, slowly twirl the brush. Not too fast, twirling the brush fast will also make the brush hairs stick out. After about two full rotations, lightly put the brush into the eyeliner. Just the tip of the brush, if you put the whole brush in, you are wasting eyeliner. I hope this helps. Let me know on the results.

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