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Hey everyone! Ok so I am a freshman in highschool and usually the only eye makeup I apply is mascara.I think that when I put on eyeliner and eyeshadow it makes me look dull,tired,and weird. But now I think that maybe I'm not applying it correctly for my eyes.I honestly am so confused right now...plz help!!! Any suggestions welcome!!!



ps I have big round brown eyes, medium skin tone, and an oval face shape

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Your mom may be right... I have put eyeliner top and bottom on women/teens before and they have noticed that it opened their eyes. If you personally think it makes you look tired and dull, maybe use less? Or try brown eyeliner. If top and bottom black liner is too much, try just tight lining your upper lash line and apply a thin line of black eyeliner on the bottom and blend it out.


Eyeshadow is always great since it adds more life to your eyelids. I recommend light browns if you are just beginning. A palette from the drugstore i recommend is Cover Girl 'Shimmering Sands' Trio.. or if you dont mind splurging, i recommend the TooFaced Natural Eye palette. If you do use eyeshadow, i suggest applying mascara after and black/brown eyeliner on your lashline and then smoking it out to not be so harsh

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I have big round brown eyes too and it has taken me a LONG time to figure out how to apply eyeshadow & liner to make it look good.  I have something called semi-hooded eyes and applying eyeshadow and eyeliner the regular way makes my eyes look funky/not good. what I did was looked up some tutorials on youtube for my certain type of eye. missmai27 has a tutorial called  "Makeup for hooded eyes - easy tips & tricks : )"  and gossmakeupartist may have one too.


What I do is apply a neutral color all over my lid or lighter shade. Then I apply a little triangle of darker color (to create a shadow) starting above my crease and then angled down towards my outer eyelid.  missmai27 goes over how to do this. Also, I never line all the way around my eyes.  This looks awesome on many of my friends but I look like a crazy lady (it makes my eyes look all googly looking).... Not sure if its because my eyes are so round or what but I just line the top outer 1/3 and the bottom outer 1/2.  I also do a thin line and use a wet Qtip to clean up any extra eyeliner or jagged lines (I like to use liquid liner).


I hope this helps you out. Im not sure if you have similar eyes to mine. You may post a pic of your eyes to help other BT users know how to help you.

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