can you wear fake eyelashes everyday

My eyelashes look perfect when i first do them, but after a little while they loose theyre curl, stick out and you can't notice them even up close. i love how my eyes look when i wear fake eyelashes, but i wasnt sure if i could wear them everyday. I heard you could get bacterial infections in your eyes because of continued use.

Do any of you wear them on a daily basis? And what are some good brands you have tried?

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Absolutely!  You can wear false eyelashes anytime you feel like it.  I would suggest investing in some good eyelashes that can be reused to save you a lot of money.  I love Urban Decay's false eyelashes that are in the short strips because I think they are easier to apply then the full-strip ones.  Just be sure to clean them well after you remove them each day and use a good glue.

I hope this helps.  Smiley Happy

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Yes, you CAN wear fake eyelashes everyday. Some women have to do that for a career after all. What you've heard about bacterial infections is true, but only if you don't care for your falsies properly. The women who get those bacterial infections are the ones who don't cleanse them properly after each use and try to get too many uses out of one pair. If you are going to wear false lashes everyday, make sure you buy in bulk as each pair of false lashes should only be used up to 3 times before being discarded. This will keep the bacteria from building up on each set of lashes you use.

Victoria's Secrect has some of the nicest fake eyelashes I've ever seen. But you can get them just about anywhere. Definately check out Sephora's false eyelashes. They have quite a large selection ot choose from. If you have any questions about application you can always go to Sephora and the people who work there will be more than happy to help demonstrate for you. They've done that for me before.

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Yes, you can wear them every day if you're careful and apply and remove them gently. If you're re-using lashes, make sure you've cleaned them properly before applying them.


I really like Ardell lashes because they're 100% human hair and they have tons of styles. If you're looking for higher quality lashes, you can try Shu Uemura lashes, which are absolutely lovely, but a little pricey.

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You can wear fake eye lashes everyday, but I do suggest cleaning your eyes extremely well when they come off. For great brands of fake eye lashes, you need to apple skin glue on your lash line (on the top of your eye) before you even apply the eyelashes. So, I do suggest thinking this out before you do it, because it may sound like a great idea, but it may not be one after a few days, maybe even weeks. Also, fake eyelashes can sometimes irritate your eye if they are used to much, so you don't want anything happening to your eye in the process.


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