can't use eyebrow powder why???
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Hi I used to draw/fill in my eyebrows w a pencil way too dark! So i decided to try powders, and I just cannot get hang of any of the powders i tried the brow zings and anastasia ones...why can't i fill in my brows w powders? can i still get a natural brows w  a pencil and if so which one(s)? thanks in advance beauties!!!~


ya thanks everyone; ima buy/try the dior brow styler!!~ btw i am asian; black hair!

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How exactly are you using the powder and with what tool? I'm a user of the Brow Zings as well and found the tiny brushes that come with are good if you're in a bind, but I use my Smashbox angled brow brush. It's a bit stiffer and has thicker bristles, so it can withstand the "pressing" and direct application use of the wax and powder. Softer or more pliable bristles tend to give a sharper application and doesn't allow you to blend out as easy.


Try master a technique before swapping products. I like to apply some of the tinted brow wax to my brows first then add powder. Keep in mind where you touch your brows with your brush is where the most product will be placed and from there you move and distribute product from there. If the start of your brows (inner corners by your nose) and that area is already thick or dense, adding product there will only make that area look heavier and darker. Try instead to start at the arch or middle of the brow, which is generally where hairs start to thin out and not look as full. Blend/drag powder to the tail of the brow and then go back and use feathery, almost choppy strokes to apply and blend out powder on the inner portions.


You can always go back over with a spoolie brush (clean mascara wand or look for them sold in packs from beauty supply stores) to comb through and soften the overall application.

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