burning glitter eyeliner, normal?

all of the liquid glitter eyeliner i bought burns my eyelids. is that normal or is it just me?

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That is definately not normal, you should stop using it. You could probably be allergic to something in the eyeliner or it could not be sanitary and could be giving you an eye infection.

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Burning sensation anywhere on your body, using any product is a huge warning to stop what you are doing!  You don't want to risk your vision with any beauty or skincare product.

Try using a shimmer shadow applied with a wet brush. If you get long enough wear using this technique, great, otherwise apply a sealer like MUFE Eye Seal or Urban Decay Transforming Potion to lock it down.  

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If it burns, *do not* continue to use it! This is not at all normal; no eyeliner should cause burning. It could be due to a multitude of factors -- sensitive skin, irritation, an allergy to an ingredient, etc. -- none of them life threatening, but you should discontinue use immediately (no matter how much you like it!) and find another product that does not burn. Repeated irritation can cause bigger eye problems, and you can avoid this by finding a different product.

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Sorry, honey, but burning eyelids are most definitely out of the ordinary. My sensitive eyes have never ever reacted to glitter eyeliners in that way. It could be the glitter, or something in the formula that irritates your eyelids. Natural products are usually the solution, but not in this case. If an "Organic" glitter eyeliner has ever been created, you can call me blind, but I highly doubt they sell one. Instead, try using your favorite shimmery eyeshadow or shimmery pencil eyeliner to achieve a look that is close. Wet an angled eyeliner brush and dip it into the eyeshadow for a bolder look. Also, some eyeshadows have glitter flecks in them. These might not irritate your eyelids.



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Allergic reaction.  Try using one of the Clinique eyeliners.  I started out with Clinique and their mascara really was one of the only lines that didn't cause an allergic reaction like Dior's Extase and DiorShow Iconic did.

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If you are putting them on your waterline, then yes, because liquid liners are not made for the waterline. If you know they are not touching your eye and they are just burning your eyelid, then no, it's not okay.

Have you always had problems with this liner? Are the ones you have old? If you just bought them, and they all do that, I'd say return them. I don't know if you will want to try another brand or just stay away from them and go to a brand you know is safe.

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