black or brown?
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Ok girls, I have been saving a little and can buy a few things. I want an eyeliner but im not sure what color to get. Black or brown? I only have enough money to buy one or the other. I was looking at the tarte empahaseyes high definition pencil. Also, should i apply it just to the tup,or also to the bottom?Plz help!!

ps i have brown eyes, kinda pale skin, and brown hair!!!!Thx!!!

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well, it moreso depends on 1) what color hair you have and 2) what kinda of look you want to achieve. i happen to be asian and so my hair, and my eyelashes, are really dark. browns look a little unnatural on me unless they're very dark anyways, so i opt for black. plus i believe it's versatile. but if you're blonde/brunette choosing brown may offer you a softer look, especially if you're using a lot of eyeliner, black can seem a bit much. it's really up to you, it depends on if you think black might be look too harsh for you on a daily basis. i've never used emphaseyes by tarte, i've used stila liquid eyeliner pen and then urban decay's 24/7 eyeliner, both black and i like them both(:

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