black or brown?
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Ok girls, I have been saving a little and can buy a few things. I want an eyeliner but im not sure what color to get. Black or brown? I only have enough money to buy one or the other. I was looking at the tarte empahaseyes high definition pencil. Also, should i apply it just to the tup,or also to the bottom?Plz help!!

ps i have brown eyes, kinda pale skin, and brown hair!!!!Thx!!!

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well, it moreso depends on 1) what color hair you have and 2) what kinda of look you want to achieve. i happen to be asian and so my hair, and my eyelashes, are really dark. browns look a little unnatural on me unless they're very dark anyways, so i opt for black. plus i believe it's versatile. but if you're blonde/brunette choosing brown may offer you a softer look, especially if you're using a lot of eyeliner, black can seem a bit much. it's really up to you, it depends on if you think black might be look too harsh for you on a daily basis. i've never used emphaseyes by tarte, i've used stila liquid eyeliner pen and then urban decay's 24/7 eyeliner, both black and i like them both(:

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It depends on the look you are going for.  I have gel liners in brown, black and blue.  Blue makes my brown eyes stand out, the brown is my everyday neutral look, and the black is when I want to look a little more glammed out.  I like gel liners like MAC fluidline more than pencils because I feel it's easier to apply but other people have said it's easier to use a pencil liner.  As for applying on the top, bottom, or both that depends again on what look you are going for.

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Depends on the look you're going for, black can be very striking and bold, but it can also be harsh and easily overdone to give the "coloring book look" where things just all look rimmed in black.

Brown, depending on the shade can be more natural and suitable to quick, uncomplicated looks that can help enhance eye shape rather than alter a look completely.


I suggest starting off with a rich, warm brown like Urban Decay's Bourbon (has flecks of gold to it so it prevents it from being too flat) or Demolition (which is a rich, matte, dark chocolate color).


Or even check out this dual ended liner from UD!


It has black and brown! Whiskey is a medium brown shade, not quite as dark as Demolition, but a bit warmer than Bourbon!

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Um... maybe you should look into good drug store brands and get both... There are quite a lot of good drug store brands if you are willing to put in the time to research.


But if you had to choose between black or brown... I'd say black unless your eyelashes are light colored. If you wear black mascara, I don't think black liner would be unnatural unless you like putting on a thick liner. Black liner might be harsh if you are planning to line under the eye. However, if you are looking for a liner for over(?) the eye, black should be fine. The eyes tend to focus on the darkest colors so if you want to accentuate the eyes, darker would be better from that aspect.


Ultimately the decision is yours and considering I don't know what you look like, I might be insanely off.


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