best blue and purple mascaras?

I have been obsessed with colored mascaras lately, but I can't find ones that I really like. What are your favorite blue and purple mascaras? I have the Kat Von D blue mascara but it's a little too bright for everyday and I have the Benefit BadGal Plum mascara, but I am looking for something a little more purple and less plum. Thanks so much!

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A very, very good mascara that I personally love is YSL's MASCARA SINGULIER Exaggerated Lashes – Dramatic Styling which creates extreme volume, length, and curl, and saturates the roots of your lashes like the stroke of eyeliner, creating an intense type of separation without any clumping.  It comes in several colors (black, brown, green, violet, indigo and plum) and you can find it at:​&categoryId=B70

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For a vivid purple mascara check out the Tokidoki mascaras!

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