anyone use any hello kitty products?

So I have been excited for this brand to come out for a while. i like getting girly makeup that represents my favorite characters. I love my too faced smurfette pallette, i WANTED the urban decay book of shadows AIWL edition soooo bad. AND Hello Kitty has been my favorite since I was like 9 or 10! I always use hello kitty folders and notebooks at school pens and pencils.  So I realized they are carryingthis line in stores. I went to sephora and honestly could hardly find anything on my wishlist or anything i had really wanted. I always have better luck shopping online. I was about to look at the hello kitty section...I really like that brush set....i see jumpo eye pencils that didnt look too hot, i saw lip gloss, and thats about it. the quality didnt look the best.....but i probably will still try it out. I hope they still have hello kitty stuff at target though lol....i have hello kitty chapsticks, and glitter from target. I also noticed my sephora got rid of stila and now has a tokidoki section and the hello kitty section and a bigger ysl section. But there was really nothing i wanted like superbad that daySmiley Sad


so what are some hits from the hello kitty line??

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Hi Banana6,


I really like the Hello Kitty Big Smile Gloss. I was surprised how much pigment I got from them! They smelled really nice too.Smiley Happy


Big Smile Gloss

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I've found that most of the Hello Kitty products that I've tried such as their eyeshadow and lip glosses are not very pigmented so they do not have a lot of color to them.  It may be that this line is geared more for younger girls who don't need to wear really bright, bold colors.  The Say Hello Palettes which have four eyeshadows and four lipglosses in each palette are cute, but the color payoff isn't enough for me personally.  However, if you like more subtle color then you'll probably love this line.

I hope this helps. Smiley Happy

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