YSL 5 color Harmony for eyes in tawny vs. Guerlain ecrin 4 Couleurs Le curis

I have brown/hazel eyes with gold flakes and dark brown rims. The neutrals with browns somehow really help bring out the golden colors out better than than the fabled purples or olives...specially for the everyday look. 



I am debating with myself over the above two choices for a simple but solid eye palette that I can use for all those professional events/travels (I don;t want to log around the Naked or the KVD). Any recommendations?!

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I have the same color eyes as you and personally I would choose the YSL in tawny because those colors will bring out all the different colors in your eyes and that's what I always like to do. One other color you may want to look at in the YSL is garden of eden they are gorgeous on brown or hazel eyes.Smiley Happy Hope this helps!

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