Who should use brown mascara and why?

I am blonde haried, blue eyed, and fair skinned. When I use black mascara it looks heavy. Do you think brown mascara might help with the heaviness?

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Yes it will help. Unless you are going for a graphic Merilyn Monroe look with black cateyes, I think make ups look prettier and more natural when the eyelash is several shades darker than your hair, but not on the opposite end of the spectrum.


Experiment with how dark/light you like them, chocolate brown or dark brown or light brown.


Hi Alstongirl.  Brown mascara will definitely give a softer look.    If you are a blonde with white or very fair lashes, brown is definitely a better choice. Otherwise, it really depends on your preference.

Here are a few of my favorite brown mascaras:


DiorShow Iconic Mascara

DiorShow Iconic Mascara

Diorshow New Look Mascara

Diorshow New Look Mascara

Lancome DÉFINICILS - High Definition Mascara

DÉFINICILS - High Definition Mascara


As a fair, blonde, blue myself, when I do use mascara (my lashes are oddly enough fairly dark), I use brown for day or brown/black for evening. If I'm going for a really huge, mega-out-there look, I will wear black and do a smoky (maybe even cat) eye, but that's about the only time I use black. It's just too harsh for me.


Hi alstongirl - I think brown mascara would be perfect for you and maybe even black/brown, especially if you want more drama for a dressy/nighttime look. I have auburn hair and very fair skin and I don't like straight blacks on myself either, they can look way too harsh. You might also want to try checking out - I haven't tried their mascaras yet but even blonds can use many of their products, especially if your fair skinned. I'd be interested in knowing how you made out and if you try/like JFR, you can PM me if you like. Hope this helped you out. I see it says you're a 'newcomer' so, welcome, there are a lot of great girls here always willing to give support.Smiley Happy


i also have blonde hair , blue eyes and my skin is quite fair.
using brown mascaras and eyeliners, actually brings out the blue in our eyes and makes then pop more.
i used to find the black mascara and eyeliners were way too heavy and did absolutely nothing for me.
after i switched to browns i noticed a huge difference.

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Hey there, it's interesting because most models no matter what their eyelash curler will swear by black mascara because the contrast makes their lashes look longer and fuller and stand out. But I understand that if you  are a 100% blonde you might find it a bit overwhelming.

I think black mascara on blondes is quite beautiful but you just have to make sure that you comb out any clumps. you want to retain fullness, definition and length when you go that dark.


How about this? When you're wearing light, neutral, pastel or pale colors on your eye then use brown mascara.

When you are doing a black or grey smokey eye, or a deep bronze eye or using a deep, vibrant shade of eye color use a black mascara.


Also, if your eyebrows are super pale that could also be the reason why the black mascara is a bit stark. Try using a tinted brow gel to give your eyebrows more depth/dimension so that the black mascara will seem more cohesive.


  Kristen Dunst looks great with black mascara


model wearing brown mascara:



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