Which is better: DiorShow Mascara or DiorShow Iconic Mascara?
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I have been using Dior DiorShow mascara for about a year now and love it. I thought maybe I would try another Dior Mascara. Is DiorShow Iconic Mascara better? I like the look of dramatic eyes, and feel that DiorShow does that more than drugstore mascara, but is DiorShow Iconic even better?

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DiorShow Iconic is one of my LEAST favorite mascaras that I've ever tried. I bought it thinkint it would give me length but it did nothing for me. I found the wand clumsy, the teeth-like bristles didn't coat my lashes properly and the actual formula of the mascara was very weak. I would apply and apply and apply and it would still look like I has put nothing on my lashes. I guess the only pro I would say about it is that it does not clump. But that's the only nice thing I can say about this mascara. One of my most regrettable purchases.

If you are looking for a mascara to define your lashes a bit more before you apply your Diorshow mascara then may be you might want to try it out but for the price I would skip it. Or better yet, if you can, try  a sample size. Hey, mascara is not a one size fit all thing and perhaps it will be great on you.


Good Luck!


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I had to return the Iconic mascara when I bought it a while back.  I had the WORST allergic reaction to it ever!  Swollen watery eyes.  Then again, my face is very picky about what I use, so....


However, my sister tried it and hated it.  She went back to using DiorShow.

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Both mascaras are very good.  If I were you, I would give the Iconic a try the next time you need a tube of mascara and see what you think.  The brush is different and may take a little getting used to if you've used the regular DiorShow for a year, but I think you'll like the way it separates your lashes.  It is not clumpy and one coat does it all.  The Iconic is supposed to hold curl in your lashes better than the regular DiorShow, but I really couldn't tell that it curled my lashes any better.  Like I said, they are both really good mascaras, but if I were choosing between the two I would probably choose the Iconic because of the brush and the way it separates and coats each lash.

Hope this helps!
Have a great day!
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The original DiorShow is wayyyy better.

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DiorShow alllll the way! DiorShow does it all for your lashes, and lasts all day and without flaking, unless you rub your eyes... Which would make any mascara flake! DiorShow Iconic isn't the best mascara... I don't like it at all. The brush and formula weren't so great after a week or so the formula must of dried up or something - it clumped like crazy!


Hope this helped!!

xoxo, Charlotte

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