Which eye shadows do you recommend for extremely sensitive eyes?
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Help! I can't seem to wear any eyeshadows without my eyes feeling gritty and getting red. I can use Laura Mercier Eye Basics (cream), but I'd like to wear some other colours in addition to the neutrals.


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It is possible that you may be allergic to a variety things, such as shimmer, sparkle particals, or even to certain colors, purples, sometimes bother sensitive eyes too.


Also rule out old contaminated brushes, by cleaning them on a regular basis. Never sharing eyemakeup. Toss mascara if it makes eyes itch, have a funny smell, or older than 3 months old.


My guess is that you may have blue, or light colored eyes. Why not try soft peaches, instead of beiges and greys.


Try clinique sunburst or strawberry fudge duos.

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