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What's wrong with my eyeliner?

I've noticed that my eyeliner is starting to crack (if that makes any sense), like it looks fine when I first apply it to my eyelid but then at the end of the day I notice that my eyeliner is no longer a nice solid line but has sort of broke apart (like I said earlier cracked). This has happened with my milani liquid eyeliner, urban decay and milani pencil eyeliners and buxom and stila liquid eyeliner pens. I don't know what is going on but its really irritating me. HELP! I haven't even had these products for very long...I've had them for like less than a year. I have oily eyelids (I don't know why...although I do use baby oil sometimes as eye makeup remover but I only use a tiny bit and make sure to get it all off so I don't know why my eyelids would be oily) and have tried using an eyeshadow primer but it doesn't seem to help at all. I use Urban Decay Primer Potion by the way, and I only use a tiny bit too.

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It could be either the products or that the oils in your eyelids are breaking down the waterproof liquids. I sometimes get the cracked effect when I use certain liquid liners.


I agree that you may want to try out a gel liner. I like either Sephora Collection Waterproof Cream liner, Bobbi Brown Gel Liner or Stila Smudgepots.


You may also try starting with your eyeshadow primer, then using a powder on top of that before your eyeliner. This may help the primer to set and keep everything on all day.


Also, if you use baby oil to remove your makeup, be sure to follow with a cleanser to remove any residue just to be safe.


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