What's the difference between gel eyeliner and cream eyeliner?
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Gel and cream eyeliners are different mostly in formula.  Studies show that cream liners are used more often than gel liners, however, gel liners better suit beginners.  When one uses a cream eyeliner, the eyes may have a natural, silky smooth look.  Unlike cream liners, gel eyeliners give the eyes a smoky look.  The gel liners are very easy to apply on the lash line using a small brush.  Cream eyeliner is smooth and soft whereas gel eyeliners are not as smooth and soft to apply.  Unlike cream liners, gel eyeliners usually stay on longer.  A lot of cream eyeliners are composed of creamy substances and come in a tube or pencil form whereas gel liners usually come in a jar or pot.  These are just some of the differences between the two, but I can honestly say that I love both gel and cream liners.  Especially those by Smashbox brand.

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