What's the best non-clumping mascara for volumizing lashes?
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A friend of mine and I have a running debate about mascaras. I believe it is all about the brush and the application, she believes it 's all about the formula. So, my recommendation?? Have you found a brush you like, but didn't like the mascara? Wash the wand really well and let it dry. Now, find the mascara you love, and toss that applicator. Make sure to keep the cap they use in the packaging, as your old wand won't do well in a mismatched container, and you don't want what mascara you have to dry out.


That said, so far my top finds have been Bad Gal, Clinique, and Maybelline. I love the Maybelline brushes and the Bad Gal and Clinique formulas. VOILA! Instant happy lashes.

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