What's the best eyeshadow palettes for green/hazel eyes?

I was thinking Nars because I love the brand but am having a hard time finding a duo that has enough green in it.

Dior has some nice palettes too but I wanted to know what everyone else uses/would recommend!

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What sort of green are you looking for? emerald?(Misfit duo) lime?(Rated R) moss?(Earth Angel) Teal?(Cleo) If you have the money, I would suggest getting the Make Up your Mind kit, that pallete is MADE for hazel eyes.  The High Society trio is nice, but dupes a lot of other Nars I already own.  Kuala Lumpur is a gorgeous plum and rose gold that I wear weekly.  I also like the Nars single Etrusque, a gr8 antique gold.  As for other brands, Guerlain makes a gorgeous jade palette called Les Verte and it's quality is comparable to Nars.  Same for Dior, gr8 quality, though I find their colors a bit ho-hum (true color application, I just think they are a bit boring).  The Lancome palette is great color, but I find they are more translucent and honestly that brand makes my eyes itch, so if you are sensitive, I would suggest try before you buy.  Makeup Forever has a bunch of fun singles in a range of greens (I love their emerald!) and is my #2 brand because I can rarely afford Guerlain or Dior.  Generally if Nars doesn't have it, Makeup Forever does.

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