What's a good mascara for just the color not the length or the volume?
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I have very long lashes. I only want a mascara that is for the color. I will only wear black mascara so I want a black mascara that gives my lashes the pop of color but not the volume, length, or anything else. JUST THE COLOR!!! Thanks!

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Lancome Definicils - Good for definition and color


Shu Uemura Mascara basic (discontinued) was the best for non fussy color.  When mine kicks the bucket, i'll probably let the BT community know if the replacement (ultimate natural mascara) is just as good. 


MUFE Smoky Lash - A good second place to the Shu Uemura basic.  A good black color but not overwhelming in volume.  Lightweight mascara. 


Otherwise, look into asian brand mascaras such as shiseido.  They usually tend to have one mascara formula that is a no fuss color.

Hope that helps.

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Benefit has a very good mascara caled "Bad Gal" Lash.  its a nice rich creamy mascara and the wand is "big" and full.  For me it last all day, no "racoon" look around the 3:00 hour at work.  =) 

I too only wear "black" mascara  for me Benefit fits me perfectly!   Good Luck

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Hi, iheart.  For the color, I would try tokidoki's Punk Lash Mascara.  It comes in some vivid shades that you can find here:  http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P257106&categoryId=B70

Hope this helps!
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