What is your favorite creme eyeshadow primer?

Something uber long wearing that makes shadow pop!


**Not a fan of Too Faced or Urban (except for maybe the matte & holiday gold  primer potion)!

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Benefit "Stay Don't Stray" works great as a primer for concealers and cream eyeshadows.  You can look it up on Sephora's website to read more about it at:  http://sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P253113&categoryId=B70.

I hope this helps you.  Smiley Happy

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NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base! It dries colorless, so it doesn't mute out the colors of your eyeshadows, but just helps them to look more vibrant. Plus it makes anything I put on top last for at least 8 hours without budging.

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