What is the best smudge proof eyeliner, Is gel liner the best and what brand?
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Hi, I am look for the best smudge proof eyeliner for both the upper eyelid (I love cateyes but I always get smears) and for my waterline!


The longest I can get my eyeliner to last is about three or four hours but I always have to check and see if it's migrated down my face or smeared off completly. I already use Urban Decay's primer potion which does extend the life a bit (for my upper eyelid anyways). I guess I have oily eyelids and my waterline is the most difficult, I wear contacts so my eyes do get a bit watery if its too bright or right after I put them in :/ I have never had anything have any staying power mostly I try to set it with powder underneath and that cuts down on the smearing a bit. 


Right now, I am between the Bobbi Brown gel liner and MAC fluidline gel liner -- does anyone have any prefences or experience? (I know that they may dry out if not sealed correctly, but I am willing to risk that for the benefit of long lasting liner) I do like liquid, but I haven't been able to find one that stays on for a long time so suggestions are welcome Smiley Happy Thanks!

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I've heard great things about MAC's fluidline but have never actually used it.  I use Urban Decay's 24/7 liner on my water line and smashbox's jet set gel liner for my lash line and neither of them ever budge on me.  I can go to sleep and wake up the next day with perfect eyeliner if I don't take it off (which is more often than it should be, but you get the point).

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