What is the best smudge proof eyeliner, Is gel liner the best and what brand?
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Hi, I am look for the best smudge proof eyeliner for both the upper eyelid (I love cateyes but I always get smears) and for my waterline!


The longest I can get my eyeliner to last is about three or four hours but I always have to check and see if it's migrated down my face or smeared off completly. I already use Urban Decay's primer potion which does extend the life a bit (for my upper eyelid anyways). I guess I have oily eyelids and my waterline is the most difficult, I wear contacts so my eyes do get a bit watery if its too bright or right after I put them in :/ I have never had anything have any staying power mostly I try to set it with powder underneath and that cuts down on the smearing a bit. 


Right now, I am between the Bobbi Brown gel liner and MAC fluidline gel liner -- does anyone have any prefences or experience? (I know that they may dry out if not sealed correctly, but I am willing to risk that for the benefit of long lasting liner) I do like liquid, but I haven't been able to find one that stays on for a long time so suggestions are welcome :smileyhappy: Thanks!

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I really like MAC fluidline as June stated but along with princesspeachy i ADOREEEE urban decay's 24/7 eyeliners.


I got a full sized sample from Sephora with my Beauty Bank points in 5 different colors. All of the colors are beautifully pigmented and they don't smear easily. In fact when I first received the product I sampled them all on my hand to see the colors and when I simply tried to wipe it away with a tissue or my finger the eyeliners wouldn't budge! 



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I've heard great things about MAC's fluidline but have never actually used it.  I use Urban Decay's 24/7 liner on my water line and smashbox's jet set gel liner for my lash line and neither of them ever budge on me.  I can go to sleep and wake up the next day with perfect eyeliner if I don't take it off (which is more often than it should be, but you get the point).

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I love MAC's fluidline! It stays all day & night for me. It's the best longest-lasting, most smudge-proof liner I have tried.


P.S. I got an eye infection before because of the re-dipping of the brushes into the pot, but if you clean your brushes often you shouldn't have that problem.

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Kat Von D tattoo liquid eyeliner works very well.  I have extremely oily eyelids, too, and I have had a hard time getting eyeliner to stay put.  Benefit used to make a product called She-laq that held everything on, but they discontinued it.  I wish they would bring it back.  I use the Kat Von D liquid liner, which goes on very smoothly and evenly and it's easy to use, plus it stays all day.  I use either UDPP or Benefit the Porefessional on my lids first, then add a dusting of translucent powder (Laura Mercier has a matte one that absorbs oil all day and it works very well) and then I can put on the liner and it will stay all day, up to at least 18 hours with no creasing or smearing.  With Sephora's great return policy, you can't go wrong giving these products a try.  Also, try Illamasqua - they have a sealer that is similar to the Benefit one that was discontinued, and it can make any eyeliner waterproof.  I have it; I just keep forgetting to use it.


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