What is the best neutral eye shadow palette?

So...I'm considering a variety of palettes I can purchase. My top choice right now is the Urban Decay Naked Palette, but that may not be available until after Xmas according to the Sephora rep I talked to. I considered the 88 Warm Palette by Coastal Scents but I'm afraid their shadows aren't exactly top quality.


I have the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette (and I love it), but I really want more variety.


I have a tan/olive complexion (South Asian) with black hair and dark brown (almost black) eyes.


What neutral eye palette would you recommend?

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The urban decay palette is amazing you should defiantly try to get your hands on it. Coastal scents shadows are pretty good sometimes they can be chalky, I have the neutral palette. Too faced has a naked eye palette that is similar to the natural palette. NYX has a couple neutral palettes that are good and I believe sephora brand makeup has a neutral palette.

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The Urban Decay palette is very popular and for good reason. First, you're getting 12 FULL sized shadows for $44, plus the awesome eye primer and double-sided liner. Usually individual shadows are $17. This palette is an excellent value! The reason its sold out everywhere is because its universally flattering on ALL skintones (sure there may be a few that look too harsh or too chalky depending on the person's skintone). The good reviews can attest to that. It is definitely worth the wait. If you're insistent on buying it from Sephora, I'd highly suggest that you call ALL your local stores because a lot of stores have been receiving shipments already (or at least the ones I live near have been- I live in Los Angeles). That's how I got my hands on my palette Smiley Happy If you buy it  on Sephora online, it'll be back in stock around the holidays.


If you want to buy it from another source, Ulta has it in stock online, plus, if you've been on the mailing list of Urbandecay.com they've been sending emails to order a lot recently.


In terms of other palettes, the Too Faced Neutral palette is a great option. Their shadows apply very easily and they're pigmented. Most of them do have shimmer in it though. And an added bonus is that there are instruction cards included in this set. They also have another set Too Faced Soft & Sexy palette. I actually like the colors in this set better simply because my skintone is olive/medium and it suits me better than the Neutral set.


Both the palettes from Urban Decay and Too Faced are worth buying.

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I would highly recommend the UD Naked Palette.  I have your skin tone and ethnicity as well, and all the colors in there are flattering, wearable, and as neutral and can be as dramatic as you want.  The quality and pigmentation is phenominal.  I think if you already own the Too Faced Natural Eye, in combination you will have great variety.


I know it's a little hard to find, but I'd suggest looking beyond Sephora.

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Natural eye pallet by Too Faced

there's a picture of me wearing a few colors from it. there are other colors too i can get darker or just look like i have eyeshadow on, and it comes with instructions. 

second red carpet by lorac. tok me awhile to realize that fourth color is a blush not an eyeshadow. hey, it wasnt bad. And lorac feels better on. 

I dont know why all the buzz about urban decay naked. but that's not out now. should be out in november or later i heard. 

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i'm sorry didnt read whole message. got a cold up late n sick, any ways you should try the new holiday palette by este lauder, more intense on me, but should be fairly like nudes and highlight of gold for you. definetly and my blue dahlia got the second to last one in my area. they go fast. I will get it for me too if seterain life stuff happens next week i'd need to cheer myself up. but i dont need it. i have too much make up.

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