What is the One product that actually made a difference for fine lines under your eyes?
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What would you say is the One product that actually made a difference for fine lines under and around your eye area?

A product that really delivers results, does what it claims and you would not want to find yourself without?

Is there such a product? Smiley Tongue

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If you're talking about a skincare product, I love Kinerase Intensive Eye Cream -- it's hydrating, which really helps with fine lines.


If you mean a cosmetic product, I would have to say Perfekt's Eye Gel -- no other product has brightened my eye area (therefore minimizing the appearance of fine lines) like this one has! Smashbox Halo is great at softening fine lines around the eyes, too...it really is - it leaves your face with a flawless finish overall.


Okay, so that's technically three products...ooops. Smiley Happy

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Thank you!
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