What eyeshadows or eyeliners look good on big brown eyes?
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I have big brown eyes and a medium skin tone but i have a hard time finding eyeshadow that looks good on my eyes. I wear a smokey look and was considering the urban decay naked palette 1 but im still undecided about it because im not sure if it looks good on brown eyes. Does anybody know of any other eyeshadows or palettes that look good on brown eyes?? or if the naked 1 palette from UD looks good? If you know of anything that looks good on brown eyes and thats not too dark (since im only 13) but still brightens your eyes up please let me know! also i would love to know of any eyeliners and eyeliner styles that are good!(: Thanks so much!

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The UD Naked Palette is just neutral eye palette, so it looks great on pretty much everyone.  It is mostly warmer shades of brown while the UD Naked2 has cooler (more grayish) brown shades. You can create a ton of different looks with either palette. The Too Faced Palettes are also great (and cheaper: $36)!


For eyeliner, I recomend getting a pencil liner (There are really good drugstore ones too!) in a dark brown. The brown will be softer and will let your lashes stand out. It will become easier to apply with practice and gives a lightly defined look. I would stick to applying it to the outer corners of your top eyelid.


I hope this helps!

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