What eyeshadow palette (neutrals) do *you* think is simply amazing?

I have tan skin, yellow undertones with dark hair, and defined eyebrows..

help please!

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One I made myself at Inglot! You can pick out the perfect neutrals for your skin tone. No more complaining about if a palette has too many or not enough shimmery colors or matte colors. And you can pick the size of your palette, want 3? Want 20? No more worries about having colors you think you'll never use, because you pick them out yourself. I recently made a 3 color one because I was fed up with having love hate relationships with all the neutral palettes I see out there. I like a mix of shimmery and matte so in my 3 shade palette I had one matte  and two shimmery ones. In case you were wondering they colors I chose in mine are: Matte 390, Pearl 402, and Pearl 422 and I absolutly love them! Smiley Happy

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