What eyeshadow colors look best on brown skin for brown eyes?

i have big brown eyes and i need help choosing eyeshadow colors that complement my eyes and my skintone. what colors look good on brown skin?

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To make your brown eyes really stand out, wear an eyeshadow that’s the opposite of your eye shade on the color spectrum.  Brown eyes should be lined with a brown liner, not black—it’s softer yet still dramatic.


Brown eyes can wear almost any combination of colors.  However, some of the best shades for brown eyes are:

  • cream / eggshell
  • dark brown
  • plum
  • warm gold
  • deep blue
  • forest green
  • deep grey

Urban Decay and Smashbox are my favorite brands of eyeshadows.

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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Hey hun,

Brown eyes are neutral and can wear tons of different colors, as well as brown skin. I like warm purples on brown eyes a lot. Navy shadows look really rich on brown skin,and bring out brown eyes a lot. Golds look good on just about everybody. So try navy blues, purples, and golds.


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Purples, blues, and greens usually look really nice with brown eyes.

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Definitely plums! I also find that navy, gray, and cool mocha colors really bring out the gold and make them pop. If you have any green in them, the plums will find it!

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Natural: Coffee Brown, Milestone

Sexy: Starry Sky, Must Have

Make them pop: Disco Fever, Red Wine, Fairy Princess, Paris Romance, and Preppy Look

Fun and flirty: Mysterious Forest, Rock'n'Roll Never Dies

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