What color of eye makeup will go good with hazel eyes?

I have roundish-almond eyes and they are a little more sunken in. They are hazel, but in sunlight they appear much more green. My eyes color has some gold flakes as well.


What eyeshadow color/brand would look really good with my eyes? It can be cream, powdered, etc. My eyes are sensitive, so it has to be suitable for sensitive eyes.


I am also looking for a mascara. Should I just stick with black; or a different color? I am looking for a mascara that will make my lashes look full and long. (A few of my eyelashes are a little shorter than they used to be since I had a bad experience with an eyelash curler..) Maybe one that will help my eyelashes grow back quicker?


I don't use eyeliner, but please suggest one just in case!


Thanks. xoxoxoxox

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the pic i posted is of UD glide on shadow. and they also have liners



i think, golds , browns ,purples and greens would go well with hazel eyes 247shadow_alt1.jpg



Can somebody explain to me the difference between green and hazel. I get different answers depending on who I ask. I've always been told my eyes were green but mine have a gold ring around the iris. Are they still considered green or are they hazel? I always thought hazel meant brown. I've had some people tell me my eyes look blue but never brown. 

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Ohh your eyes sound like mine! I love purples and browns! I got the green eye kit from sephora that is now sold out but (I will post pics) but I always use black eyeliner although I brown eyeliner looks so good with my eyes it is just a personal preference. I love the tarts pencils with the smudgies on the end both the fat ones and true skinny wines are AHMAZING.

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Since you have gold flecks in your iris, I would recommend purple, violet, bronze, shampagne, gold, and even greens. Purple and violet are the opposite of the color wheel from green; hence, will bring out your eye color. The other colors I mentioned will also bring out your eye color because of the gold flecks that you say you have. Hope this helps.

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A lovely lime green shimmer would look nice, purples too!

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I also like navy blue on green eyes as a less harsh alternative to black. Don't know how it would look on hazel eyes, though.

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If you ever want to offset a color in your eyes, you match the color that you want toned down in your eye makeup coloring.  If you want the green to be exposed more, wear gold eye shadow colors and vice versa.  Also referring to the color wheel, go to colors that are contrasting to the color you want to bring out.  And dark colors make color brighter and light colors make eye color darker.  

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As for eyeshadow colors, I would suggest to wear purple, bronze, champagne and even taupe! I am in love with taupe shades right now, I have green eyes and they look great. A little black eyeliner can also make your eyes pop! I'm not sure which brand to suggest, since I do not know if there is a certain ingredient that bothers you. I have been using Benefit's They're Real mascara lately and I really like how it elongates my lashes. It makes them look full & very long!

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