What color eyeliners compliment brown eyes?

I found out that I can't wear purple eye makeup because it creases, fades and look muddy just minutes after application (this happens with both eyeshadow and eyeliner). I've tried using Urban Decay's Primer Potion and my eyeshadow still creased, faded and looked muddy. This only happens when I wear purple colored eyeshadow or eyeliner.Smiley Sad I guess there must be some sort of ingrediant in all purple eye makeup that I'm "allergic" to (I don't get a rash or anything my eye makeup just fades and creases). I talk to my mom about it and growing up she had the same problem (she can't wear pink or lavender eyeshadows because even with a base/primer the eye makeup would crack on her). It really bugs me that I can't wear purple eye makeup, I have fair skin and dark brown eyes and I always loved how the color purple made brown eyes pop while the cool undertones of in the purple made it still wearable for a work enviroment. Lately I've been wearing Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in Flipside on my waterline and I really like how it looks and think it compliments my brown eyes nicely. However...I'm getting a little tired of wearing Teal Eyeliner and plus the color is rather bold. I really want to branch out and try new colors that will make my eyes pop...but I don't know of any colors that would make my eyes pop except for navy blue, teal and green. I want to be able to wear other colors besides blues and greens but I'm not sure how as I can't wear purple eye makeup? HELP! Also I have two purple eyeshadows (one is from MAC. and one is from the Sephora Brand. I bought from two different brands to make sure that it wasn't just one particular brand of purple makeup that I was "allergic" to). Lastly I've never worn pink eyeshadow or eyeliner before so I don't know if it would work or not.

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Well, have you really tried enough purple eye make up to determine that? there's cream shadows, powder shadows, eyeliners, liquid liners, normal formula, and all natural/organic brands.


Yeah, I've heard navy blue makes whites of the eye whiter. You can wear pink. I have light/med asian complexion (yellow) with a cool pink flush/cheeks. I find sheer pastel pink works great as a highlighter under the brow, and am a fan of coral/peach all over the lid. Other pink usually makes me look like I have pink eyes. oh, salmon/flesh pink is better for tightlining bottom lashline than white. My personal favorite is actually blackest of black eyeliners. I have dark brown eyes so ppl usually say "black" but I've seen real black eyes (you can't see the iris because the pupil is black), and sometimes I like to emphasize the brownness of it (no idea if I'm making sense) so black cat eyes makes my brown eyes seem brighter.

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