What brush is used to line shadow under your eyes?

I always see girls with shadow lined under their eyes, but what brush are they using?  When I try to do it, it doesnt seem to work out.

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I use a stiff angled liner brush, a MAC 263. I'd tell you the Sephora equivalent, but for some reason the brush page isn't loading for me (What's up with that??????)
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I always use the "Sephora Collection Pro Angle Liner brush #22.
great brush and its not too expensive either.


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i use the small brush in the too faced 3 piece eyeshadow brush kit, or the skinny end of the lancome double ended eyeliner brush Smiley Happy 




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I agree with prettyinpa.

A stiff angled liner brush will give you controlled results. I think it depends on how diffused you want it to look.

Something like  this by Hourglass is what I use on a regular basis. I like to slightly dampen the brush, dab off the access water, then into the shadow. You can use it dry as well, but damp will give more intense color.




Angled Liner Brush


If your looking to layer color or diffuse the look then I would go for something like this Sephora pro brush that is a pencil brush.

I love to use this brush first with a deep burgundy or blue color, then use the technique above to create the sharper line in the lashline.

Pro Smokey Eye Brush #24

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I use the skinny side of my Urban Decay Good Karma brush.

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