What are the best eye makeup applications for women over 50
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Not really sure what you're trying to ask. I'm over 50 and I wear all kinds of different eye makeup types from smokey eyes to winged out looks, etc. I guess it depends on what type of eyelids/wrinkles, etc. you have, so you really need to be more specific. Do you have droopy lids? A lot of wrinkles in the creases of your eyes (crows feet)? If any of those are 'yes', then you need to go with lighter shadows, more mattes in the creases. You can do some satin (or light shimmer) on the actual lid, but keep that to a minimum. Line your eyes with a brownish liner, but make sure to smudge it out, as harsh lines only pronounce lines more, and no underlining under the eyes! You can do a little darker shading to the outer eye, but again, keep it to a minimum and only for nighttime. Make sure to highlight under the browbone, and if your brows are light or sparse, be sure to use a pencil to perk them up. Hope this helps, and is what you were looking for!

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I have deep wrinkles and drooping eyelids. Nothing seems to make my eyes look more alive.

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