WhAt is the best mascara?
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What is the best mascara for a really good long look that will hold a curl and give you a wow lash look? I have tried All of Diors and am not happy with the color and the flatness, tried all of lancomes and these were okay but will no longer buy because they test on animals and I never realized they did and that is important to me, tried Bobbi Browns these are very natural....any suggestions would be appreciated.
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i just got They're Real! by benefit and i am really impressed. Tons of other brands say thier mascara gives length and volume but this on really does! from base to tip my lashes almost doubled in length after applying and i personally think it looks just as good if not better than fake eyelashes! all this from a mascara that on top of everything, is travel size. Hope this helped!


I really love the Clinique ones. High Impact is my favorite.

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I really like Covergirl Professionals, it's very buildable and $4.  I think the trick to the perfect curl is to curl really well, pump at the base of your lashes for 10 secs each eye, then apply your mascara, let it dry completely and recurl, you will probably have to touch up the putside with a little more mascara.  This works like crazy you may even think it's too much curl!  I hear waterproof holds curl better, but I hate trying to get it off.  The ones from sephora to try are Benefit Bad Gal Lash and MUFE Smoky Lash.



BADgal Lash MascaraSmoky Lash

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You can’t go wrong with Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara which is a waterproof do-it-all mascara.  It gives you waterproof, voluminous, long and ultra-curled lashes all day long.  This mascara won't flake or budge.  The brush catches even the tiniest lashes, defines, adds fullness, lengthens and provides ultra-lasting curl for even the most stubborn straight lashes.  You can find it here:  http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P289417&categoryId=B70

If you prefer a non-waterproof mascara, this same great mascara comes in a regular version that is water-resistant and sweat-resistant and has all the same great effects as the waterproof version offers.  The non-waterproof version is called Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara, which you can find here:  http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P281302&categoryId=B70


Another "do-it-all" mascara that’s suitable for everyone’s needs due to its unique expandable brush is Buxom’s Amplified Lash Mascara.  It features a special brush that changes with the turn of a dial.  The fully extended position can be used to majorly volumize lashes; or twist it down to the ultra compact position to precisely comb through your lashes for incredible length, separation and definition.  This mascara is paraben- and sulfate-free.  Research results show that when fully extended, the brush volumizes lashes up to 600%.  When in its compact position, the bristles squeeze closer together so they comb through and grab each and every lash for maximum length, separation and definition.  You can find this mascara here:  http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P286723&categoryId=B70

I think all three of the above mascaras work great.

Hope this helps!
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Try They're Real! MascaraBenefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara. It works really well at making lashes look longer, thicker, and curled, not to mention lifted and separated for a false effect.


BADgal Lash MascaraBenefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash Mascara is great for making lashes so volumized they're unreal! It doesn't have problems with flaking if you don't overapply.


Buxom Amplified Lash MascaraBuxom Buxom Amplified Lash Mascara is great because you can apply a lenghtening & defining mascara, then twist the brush a little and apply the same mascara with a volumizing effect. It's really unique and the brush it what makes it so great!


Hope this helped!!

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