Watery too faced insurance shadow ???

I just got the Too Faced Shadow Insurance the regular one that’s the blue tub looking one.  It was my first day using it and when I went to squeeze the tube to apply the product, it seemed a little runny/watery.  Is it supposed to be like that? Or should it be like the UD Eye Shadow Primer?  This is my first time ordering and trying this product.  And if I need to exchange it, problem I have is that I did not order it, my friend ordered it for me and I don’t live near a Sephora store to go exchange it either. 


Can someone please tell me what the consistency is supposed to look like in this product? If it’s meant to be that way, I have no problems.  I did shake it, but it didn’t do anything.  Then this morning I was reading Q&A’s on it, and it says to massage it.  What do they mean by massage it???

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alos, i forgot to add: it should be thick..not pasty but not watery. Also massage it onto ur eyelids so it absorbs more Smiley Happy its the best primer ive ever tried Smiley Tongue 

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